A Princess Broken

Today I am proud to be part of the blog tour for the book A Princess Broken by Misty Gatlin.   When I first signed up to be a part of this event, I was still regularly writing here.  However, I have since moved to Leeleewrites.com

I will offer you a small taste of my review here for anyone who might have found this site.

A Princess Broken tells the story of Sarah, a troubled teen girl, and Kate, the woman who reaches out to help her.  It is a story about faith and second chances.  It tells of the good news of what Jesus can and will do in your heart, without the book feeling like a sermon.  The story was compelling and riveting.  The story begins when Kate notices Sarah crying by a tree.  Touched, she cannot allow this young woman to be alone.  She reaches out to her in kindness despite her fears.  A friendship develops as they realize that their lives are not that different. Kate tells Sarah how Jesus can make her life new, regardless of her past choices. Both women must soon face challenges as they learn of the illness of their respective fathers.  To finish reading my review, click here.


I’m moving…

to another blog.

I have outgrown this blog.  For one thing, I have reached the point in my life where I am looking not to identify myself as a girl.  Also, my writing has gotten to the point where I feel comfortable sharing it widely.  My options for sharing on this site are somewhat limited.

So I took the leap and purchased my own domain, Leeleewrites.com . I will be self-hosting my new website.  All the content from here was imported, so none of your favorite posts will be lost.

Without further ado, join me in this awesome adventure.

My new blogging home will be